lients world-wide know they can call on Simons & Associates to help them find solutions to the increasingly complex issues regarding rivers and water resources development. Rivers and associated watersheds and estuaries are the most dynamic features of the earth's surface. Interaction with these dynamic features requires the development of an appropriate understanding through multi-level analysis techniques. Our analysis approach includes:

· Qualitative geomorphic analysis
· Quantitative engineering and geomorphic analysis, and
· Computer and Physical Modeling

Simons & Associates is recognized for leadership and expertise in the following areas:

· Erosion and Sedimentation
· Hydraulics
· Geomorphology
· Hydrology
· Environmental and Habitat analysis
· Expert and Decision Support Systems
· Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

These areas of expertise have been applied to the solution of water related issues on rivers, watersheds, and estuaries throughout the world as demonstrated by the following experience.

Simons & Associates finds solutions for rivers regarding water resources related issues. We apply our world-wide expertise to first understand the issues and then to develop appropriate solutions through a multi-level analysis approach. This approach allows Simons & Associates to find appropriate solutions to the increasingly complex issues involved in rivers and water resources development. We offer a comprehensive array of professional services and long-term experience with the objective of finding workable solutions for our clients.

Jaiba Irrigation Project, Brazil
Services: Hydraulic, geomorphic, sediment transport, and environmental analysis using computer and physical models to design improvements to irrigation water intake from the Rio São Francisco.

Platte River Basin, Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming
Client: Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District/Nebraska Public Power District
Services: Hydrologic, geomorphic, sediment transport, and environmental analysis of a complex water resources system dealing with channel morphology, environmental impacts, and habitat on the North Platte, South Platte, and Platte Rivers related to hydropower relicensing. This work involved extensive hydrologic modeling of a large basin, hydraulic modeling, data collection, sediment transport and geomorphic analysis as well as analysis and modeling of habitat for various species. Analysis of wetlands impacts and the influence of changes in groundwater levels on wetlands were conducted. Models were developed to analyze riparian woodland expansion (vegetative encroachment) and channel narrowing, and habitat/flow relationships for whooping cranes and sandhill cranes. Analysis was also conducted on the relationship between flow and ice with respect to bald eagle foraging. Additionally, data were collected and analyzed for flow/habitat relationships for interior least terns and piping plovers, and analysis of substrate for fisheries was also conducted. Reservoir operation studies were conducted for a number of scenarios to evaluate the effect of instream flows on irrigation, hydropower production, recreation, and habitat for various threatened and endangered species.

Two Forks EIS, Colorado
Client: Denver Water Board
Services: Hydraulic, sediment transport, and fisheries analysis to evaluate effect of new trans-basin diversions and reservoirs on 67 streams to provide increased water supply to the Front Range of Colorado.

Ajkwa River, Irian Jaya, Indonesia
Client: P. T. Freeport Indonesia
Services: Irian Jaya, Indonesia: Hydrologic, hydraulic, sediment transport, and other data were collected as part of a long-term environmental monitoring program. Hydraulic and sediment transport modeling of tailings management alternatives and associated quantification of wetlands area development and associated impacts were evaluated along a complex river and estuary system.

Connecticut River, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire
Client: Northeast Utilities
Services: Hydraulic and erosion analysis incorporating GIS, development of long-term monitoring plan, development of riverbank erosion mitigation using alternative bio-engineering stabilization techniques.

Black Butte Coal Mine, Wyoming
Client: Black Butte Coal Company/Kiewit Mining Company
Services: Watershed management and conservation using hydrologic and sediment yield modeling to evaluate watershed and channel reclamation stabilitiy after strip mining for a 1000 year period.

Amaluza Reservoir, Ecuador
Client: INECEL
Services: Watershed sediment yield analysis, reservoir operation, and sediment transport/deposition study for Amaluza Reservoir to mitigate sediment intake to hydropower turbines.

Skokomish River, Washington
Client: Tacoma Public Utilities and Mason County
Services: Analysis of the effect of the Cushman Project on sediment transport, aggradation, and flooding along the Skokomish River. Analysis of the effect of modified reservoir operation and flushing flows on sediment transport and flooding issues. Gravel trap and channel stabilization design for control of aggradation, channel dynamics, and flooding.

Mono Lake, Rush and Lee Vining Creeks, California
Client: Trihey & Associates, Mono Lake Committee and California Trout
Services: Hydraulic, sediment transport, and geomorphic analysis for development of channel improvements for stability and trout habitat. Development and evaluation of restoration alternatives. On-site construction supervision of habitat improvements.

Mark Twain Reservoir, Missouri
Client: U. S. Army Corps of Engineers
Services: Development of expert system using real-time data for a computerized decision support system of a series of reservoirs with multiple objectives including flood control, power generation, irrigation, recreation, and fisheries.

Passaic River, New Jersey
Client: Maxus Energy Corporation and Chemical Land Holdings
Services: Hydrodynamic and sediment modeling analysis using a two-dimensional computer model of the river/estuary to determine potential scour and sediment mobility of contaminated sediment.

Snake River and Spring Creeks/Wetland Complex, Wyoming
Client: Crescent H Ranch and adjacent landowners
Services: Analysis of the effect of highway modifications on wetlands. Recom-mendations were given to reduce potential wetland impacts. Geomorphic and fisheries habitat analysis were used to recommend channel improvements to improve fisheries in streams on the ranch property. Work included some construction supervision of habitat improvements

Snake River, Idaho
Client: Idaho Power
Services: Riparian vegetation dynamics and channel width modeling developed on the Snake River in Idaho to predict changes in riparian vegetation resulting from potential future modification of streamflow due to irrigation, hydropower, and instream flows.

Aligidir Diversion and Canal improvements, Eritrea, Africa
Client: Natural Resources Consulting Engineers
Services: Two-dimensional hydraulic and sediment transport modeling to provide design recommendations for a diversion structure on the Gash River, headworks, sediment ejection and exclusion features, sediment settling basin, and irrigation canal.

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